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Hot off the heels of suffering the nightmarish experiments of the man called Contagion, Wolverine is confronted by renegade spacemen Monark Starstalker and Paradox, who have their own set of test they’d like to run on him. But anyone preparing to stick Logan with needles of techno-organic viruses should be prepared to feel the sharp sting of adamantium claws in the gut. It’s WOLVERINE: THE BEST THERE IS VS. ROGUE GALACTIC BOUNTY HUNTERS AND THEIR ROBOT FALCON! THUNDERDOME!

The woman who set Wolverine up to be captured by Winsor has transformed into a giant robotic spider virus. Paradox and Monark are there to capture and destroy it. But Paradox is infected by the virus and the spider gets too large for containment. Wolverine is able to hack it down to a containable size and after it has be nuetralized, Monark and Wolverine can turn their attention to Paradox.

Paradox seems to be dieing but changes his body into a Mercurian and burns the virus out of his body. Monark and Paradox take Wolverine back to there ship, to track the rest of the virus and the man who brought it to earth in the first place.

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