sniktbub100's Wolverine: The Best There Is #1 - Impulsion & Whim review

wolverine the best there is # 1-7 review

today i will review this godman terrible miniseries called wolverine the best  #1-7 and i mean this in the sweetest way this series is a PIECE OF SHIT i mean really?? the writers were stoned when they wriiten this crap the point is this series sucks i hate whoever was involved in making this crap and if you are a wolverine i do not consider you buying it i wish i could give it a 0 out of 5 but too bad 


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    Be yourself Logan 0

    I don´t think this is a good Wolverine book since Charles Huston couldn´t capture Logan´s essence into this title. Hair stylist, dancing and prancing? Going to party just almost getting his ass kicked? Captured by two morons after a couple of brewskies? No way that this man in this book is the Logan that we know, cherrish and praise. That´s the main reason that I didn´t like this book. The other reasons are: poor dialogues (all of them, the side story, the main thing, the girl with Logan), a wea...

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    Is This Wolverine Comic The Best There Is? 0

    Behold the release of another Wolverine comic. What makes this different is the fact that is is clearly not for kids.  The Good If you've read Charlie Huston's Moon Knight or his novels, you know he's a man that can put out some gritty comics. For a Wolverine comic with the subtitle The Best There Is, there had better be some grittiness to it. To add to the story, Juan Jose Ryp's crazy-overly-detailed art captures every single drop of blood when the violence begins. There is so much detail in th...

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