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Logan and Mana defeat the demons summoned by Hana and Ryuki one at a time. Hana then summons a group of flying demon which are carrying Logan's daughter Amiko and Yukio with them. Hana offers a trade to Logan: Amiko and Yukio's lives for the Blade of Blood. Logan offers Hana the blade to bide his time. He rushes to the aid of Amiko and Yukio to get them out of harms way while Mana holds off Hana. With Amiko and Yukio off to safety Wolverine reveals their trump card: Mana and Wolverine had coated the claws on his right hand in gold. Ryuki cringes at the sight of the gold. Wolverine weakens Ryuki by stabbing him, and then helps take out Hana.

Before Wolverine can deliver the fatal blow to Hana, Mana stops him to do it herself. Mana plunges her dagger into Hana's chest, sending Ryuki and all of the other demons back to hell. Amiko lifts the sacred blade of blood and remarks that she hears it whispering, to which Mana informs Logan that only the females of her order can hear the blade. Amiko agrees in the end to train with Mana, and possibly head the order one day.

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Soultaker is a decent Wolverine story, but it had a lot to live up to because of what just came before it the ememy of the state and agent of sheild and it suprised me i liked it, the story is good and easy to follow, the art work is good, the art work is brillent on the covers, especially issues 3,4 and 5. My only complaint would be that the artist draws Wolverine claws kind of coming out of the spaces in between his fingures not the back of his hands, the characters are drawn in anime style, i...

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