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Wolverine prepares to do battle with the Shisengumi. All is not going so well as Logan's attacks do little to phase the reanimated corpses until he realizes that destroying their eyes causes them to fall out of Ryuki's control and die again. Meanwhile, Mana travels to the Toji Temple in Kyoto to pray to the spirit of the fox with the silver hair for assistance against Ryuki. The fox reveals to her that all demons have a weakness, and Ryuki's weakness is gold.

Logan is able to defeat the remaining un-dead samurai and before Hana disappears she tells Logan to have her sister deliver the Blade of Blood to her or Ryuki would unleash hell on Earth. The blade is an anscient Shosei order ancestral sword that soaks in the blood of the deceased priestesses of Mana's order, and because of this houses the souls the members of her order. Hana hopes that these souls will give Ryuki enough power to take over the world, however for the sword to obey Hana's wishes control over the sword must be given to her by Mana willingly. Giving Logan the sword, Mana and Wolverine meet Hana and a horde of demons at the Bridge of the Six Realms to do battle.

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