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Mana attacks Wolverine, but quickly realizes that the two are on the same side. She explains that she is only the latest in a long line of head Priestesses of her order who is charged with the task of secretly keeping Japan safe from demonic and supernatural dangers. She and her twin sister Hana became bitter rivals in competing for the sacred position, but Mana came out victorious in her superiority. It was then that Hana left the order to one day master the dark arts to take over the order. When she returned to battle her sister she released the Ryuki in an attempt to win.

Ryuki had the power to raise the dead took over her sisters body with the intention of raising the dead to capture and consume innocent souls to grow even stronger. In an act of desperation, Mana was able to trap Ryuki in the gem of her necklace, however as a side effect her soul and her sister's soul were also trapped in the gem.

Mana informs Wolverine that he will be useless to battle a demon such as Ryuki, and that in order for his fighting abilities to mean anything he would need his body to be blessed and purified. While Mana is blessing Wolverine's body in a sacred pool, Hana and Ryuki are raising the corpses of the Shisengumi--eleven of the most dangerous samurai ever to live--in order to do their bidding.







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