redheadedatrocitus's Wolverine: Savage #1 - Sushi review

"Just Peachy!"

    Logan constantly says that he is the best there is at what he does, even if what he does isn't very nice.  That proves to be more than the case for this simplistic storyline.  We begin with Logan fighting Lizard and tearing through a seaside sushi shop, much to the dismay of its economically downtrodden owner.  To make amends, Logan agrees to not only help make a sushi order to keep her business afloat, but even offers to rescue her father who apparently has gone the way of Jonah and has gotten himself stuck in a seamonster's belly.  Logan rescues the man and all is well, even if Logan feels shafted at the end result of having to be a mere dishwasher in this family business. 
    The comic is all around fun in that its a story that is entirely readable.  There is no hidden message to be had, though there is the definite allegory of the old man in the seamonster's belly as being reminiscent of the tale of Jonah.  Logan is at his all time classic finesse, with his brown/reddish and yellow suit and angry yet cavalier attitude.  He's willing to be a helpful individual yet is entirely combative when people judge his methods, including slicing off the tail of both Lizard and the monster during the story's progression.   He even offers his own explanation for this by insisting that such appendages will grow back, and insists on knowing "why is this always such a big deal?!" Being that it is a one-shot as well it has a simple straight beginning to end finish that leaves the reader satisfied.  Ryan Dunlavey's writng style is to the point and understandable, while Richard Elson's artwork is clear yet vivid.   
   The story's simplicity may be what turn people off though if you're looking for that altogether bad to the bone Logan we all know and love.  He's definitely been tamed for this storyline which leads me to believe that Dunlavey was attempting to write for a younger audience.  Furthermore, if you cannot even fathom Logan in a kitchen slicing and dicing ingredients and raw fish, then this story is definitely not for you.  It is almost like this story is a mix of epic adventure along with Food Network that can leave you yearning for a good ramen dish afterward.   
    Altogether, it is good clean fun and a readable story that can leave a smile on your face and a yearning in your belly after.  And to quote Logan, that is just a "peachy" idea by me!
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Nice review.

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I am try to make this review more controversial

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