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The New Mutants struggled to care for Wolfsbane. Cable had her wrapped up in a straight jacket and locked away, while the others couldn't understand why she was screaming like a lunatic. What they didn't know was that her mind had been swapped with that of Princess Rain; Wolfsbane's counterpart from a medieval reality.

In the other reality, Wolfsbane had forgotten her memories of Earth-616. She was surrounded by that world's versions of the New Mutants who all gave her flashbacks to her own world. However, with the prophecy of a Beast which would devour her on her 16th birthday rapidly coming true, she began to take her own destiny into her own hands.

Unknown to all, the Beast was really Wolverine. He had been transported body & mind into the alternate reality by a sorcerer, who was really Magneto's counterpart. However, whenever Wolverine gained consciousness, the sorcerer would cloud his mind turning him into the Beast & set him loose upon the kingdom again.

With help from her loyal servants, friends and a poor peasant boy known as Douglas, Wolfsbane slowly regained her own true memories and appealed to Wolverine to also regain his own mind. Together they fought the sorcerer to restore peace to Princess Rain's kingdom, and to restore Wolfsbane & Wolverine to their own world.

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