box_turtle's Wolverine: Origins #8 - Savior, Pt. 3 review

Black Widow's History with Wolverine Great New Insight

     Jubillee.  The rebellious young mutant who shot fireworks out of her hands.  Originally lost, confused, and irresponsible, it was Wolverine who taught her how to be a true hero.  Then, as we all know, Scarlet Witch said three really bad words and Jubillee was one of the millions of mutants to become powerless.  Wonder where she went?  Well, the canibalistic, adamantium laced, assasin Omega Red just found her with Agent Zero (aka Maverick) and has captured her to use in his fight with Wolverine over a valuable synthesizer.  Wolverine needs help finding out some information to pay Red to keep his beloved Jubillee from dying.
    Who could Wolverine turn to?  Black Widdow I, Natasha Romanv.  Why would Widdow want to help him.  Well this shows one of the most amazing pieces in the history of the Marvel Universe.  As a little girl, before ever meeting Bucky Barnes, Widdow was a meek little girl surrounded by a bloody gang war.  And, of all the assasins in Russia at the time, guess which half-insane, brainwashed, savage came for her?  James Howlett--Wolverine.  Turns out Wolverine ended up in a Russian ranch with black Widdow before he lost all his memories.  This intriguing tale of Wolverines good heart coming out and beating his insanity is touching, showing that even before his days in the X-Men Logan had a heart.  The Savior Saga, though brutally violent, is getting right at the heart of the Wovlerine character--his inner battle between bloodthirsty insanity and fatherly nurture.  Also, it is providing the setback to the Daken saga, which is almost certainly going to go down as a classic.     
  Want an added bonus: Black Widdow's character is portrayed in just as much depth and detail as Wolverine.
   These stories are why I love comics--read this (if you're old enough), I bet you will like it too.          


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