zack_freeman's Wolverine: Origins #50 - What I Do, Conclusion review

Review: Wolverine Origins #50

After stabbing Nick Fury in the chest, Wolverine confronts the ghosts of his past loves and comes to some kind of peace with the demons that have haunted him all his life.

The Good

Conrad's got a great weight and curve to his work here that reminds me a lot of Claudio Castellini, in a good way. There's real sense of depth to these detailed compositions. As the final issue of this series, it fits thematically that Wolverine would come to some sort of peace with the memories he's been recounting in this series - - ever since it started after he regained them in House of M. Even though the back-up feature is just a small dialogue scene with Hope, it was actually pretty well executed.

The Bad

I said that this makes a conclusive point about Wolverine's past that's made up the bulk of this series, but I'm not really sure what that is. Logan's final monologue is phrased in a lot of vague double-talk that doesn't really weigh in strongly on one side of his dilemma or the other.  As it is, he just seems to shake off stabbing Nick Fury half to death.  The choice of words run a bit too detailed and flowery for a character who's supposed to be as bad ass as Wolverine.  I think I would've preferred he voice his conslusions in some terse dialogue like Way uses in the back-up feature with Hope.

The Verdict - 3/5

This is a case where the back-up story plays out better than the feature. I can appreciate the intention to give Logan some kind of closure after 50 issues of dredging up the past, but I think it's presented in such a vague way that it doesn't really seem to be of any coincidence. Fury almost gets killed and all he does is take a potion and shake it off like nothing happened... and that seems to be the thrust of this whole issue.
Posted by Dark Noldor

I really liked Wolverine Origins as a whole, but the last couple of issues (especially #s 48 and 49) it kinda lost interest for me, I didn´t like the final outcome of the Romulus saga and I didn´t like last issue at all, felt disconected for me, with lack of purpose....I´m waiting to receive # 50 though

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