silvioislame's Wolverine: Origins #41 - 7 the Hard Way, Part 1 review

Origins don't have to be boring

So i tihnk the last one of this series i review was number one, so i'll sum up the others i missed real quick 
This series is great if you give it a shot.  
Lots of action, lots of dialog, and it reads like a well done movie 
Basically, this is how the Wolverine Origins movie should have been made. 
back to this issue, after recently being defeated, Wolverine is doubting himself, and its nice to see him realising this. 
But instead of being down on himself, he does the next best thing. 
Follow someone else's plan, because then no one will ever see it coming. 
Awesome guest appearance by Shkaar and Robert Banner, always nice to see the hulks around 
I highly, highly recommend this whole series, which is hard, i'm more of a DC guy, but this really is one to look forward too. 
If this series keeps going at this pace, this will easily be one of the best, most overlooked comic series to date.

Posted by greenenvy

This comic looks bad ass and if I find it I might get it because of the look of the cover. I found wolverine origins issue 47 because of skarr's presence a lot. Is this issue just as good with a lot of skarr or wolverine fighting skarr son of hulk at all? 

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