fierce_almond's Wolverine: Origins #22 - The Deep End, Pt. 2 review

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Wolvie/Deadpool yay

Small spoilers ahead! (Not related to plot)

This review also applies to the previous issue.

While Deadpool is in a gap between his own series, he's appearing in Wolverine: Origins. The Origins series is by far my favorite X-Men series ever, let alone a Wolverine series. When I first heard that Daniel way would be writing Deadpool's new series, I was a bit skeptical. I have been reading Origins, but I didn't know if he could make the switch from Wolverine to everyone's favorite psycho, Deadpool.

He can.

However, there is a semi-large personality jump (this is said small spoiler) Deadpool is now seems quite a bit more insane. His antics are as hilarious as ever, but while writing this, it seems Way got a little carried away with the fun, wolverine seems much less serious than in previous issues of Origins.

Still, it's not a big gripe as this issue is fun all the way through, and has some great fight scenes. I can't wait for the rest of this arc, for the rest of Origins, and for the new Way/Dillon Deadpool series!


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