universal_mind's Wolverine: Origins #16 - Our War, Pt. 1 review

Great tie in for Uncanny XMEN#268

Only read this comic if U have Uncanny XMEN#268 open and ready-this book ties in with the story in issue#268 perfect-now their some flaws but if we were looking for reality comics are not where U start--This issue of Wolverine Origins expands the past of Wolverine by exploring the secret mission he has in WW2 as a mercenary- Bad guy?? Why not! He retells the story while visiting the memorial for CAP America. Clearly drinking in a Museum or something no one notices and he shows his ulterior motive for meeting Cap America. Please read UXmen#268- first then read Wol Origins #16- this is what good writing is all about. This book got me hooked on this story arc, I will be getting the next issue, if only to find out more of wolverines past-I mean isn't that the point??

Posted by GhostRider88

I too ironically read UX-Men 268, and I own it. Maybe you can explain what Wolverine meant in this issue when he said to Seraph that "she's one of us" talking about Natasha. Then points to his bullet wound and says shes unarmed, i dont know, it was just a confusing part in the comic

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    There is no denying that the last story arc of Wolverine: Origins was awful. The character of Daken was poorly conceived, and inconsistent. It would be impossible to describe what his character is like since he acted differently from issue to issue. If there was one highlight of that arc it was the ending. We got a glimpse of the origins of Department H and it was actually a little bit intriguing... not only that but something that caught everyone by surprise is that issue #15 and the Annual act...

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