the_outsider's Wolverine: Origins #16 - Our War, Pt. 1 review

Is there any hope left?

There is no denying that the last story arc of Wolverine: Origins was awful. The character of Daken was poorly conceived, and inconsistent. It would be impossible to describe what his character is like since he acted differently from issue to issue. If there was one highlight of that arc it was the ending. We got a glimpse of the origins of Department H and it was actually a little bit intriguing... not only that but something that caught everyone by surprise is that issue #15 and the Annual actually tied in heavily with Wolverine #55. It actually showed that events in this series might actually matter... until you read issue #16.

After the finale of last issue you'd think we would get more insight on the origins of Department H or this Romulus character we keep hearing of... but no. All that is thrown aside to revisit events that we were already shown in Uncanny X-Men #268. I will admit that Daniel Way does a nice job of tying in events that we've seen in Wolverine: Origins with this classic story from Uncanny X-Men. The big reveal at the end of the issue however is hardly shocking. At this point we expect the same as before, a story arc that is mediocre with some sort of small reveal concerning Logan's past at the end. I would love for Way to prove us wrong, but we have no indication of anything like that happening. The story itself is ok, but reads more like the many mini series we get that revisit old stories to show us what was happening behind the scenes.

If you're looking for the issue that will give you hope that this series will get better, this isn't it. Although not as bad as most issues, it hardly gives you anything to look forward to for the rest of the story arc.

Posted by kingoftheworld

Glad to see im not the only one who thinks this entire series is crap.

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