the_outsider's Wolverine: Origins #14 - Swift & Terrible, Pt. 4 review

High Sales doesn't equal High Quality

Some people think Wolverine's mutant power is his healing factor and his animal like senses. Those people are wrong. His mutant power is making you spend your money on crap you actually don't want. I knew full well I would be disappointed by this issue before I paid for it... but I did anyways... and now here I am. After 14 issues you'd think that someone would realize that this isn't working... but no. That's mainly because this title actually has great sales figures, so if you're trying to fool yourself that something is going to change in the near future, you're sadly mistaken.

Last issue we were left with Logan, Cyber and Daken in a bank ready to fight. So, we get the fight. Not a very entertaining fight... but a fight none the less. The rest of the issue is plague by poor writing. There's a sequence of events in a flashback that makes very little sense as to just why Wolverine needs this information. If it's suppose to be relevant to what's going on in the present, they sure didn't make that clear in the story. Not only that... but if you're unfortunate enough to read this issue, remember that the whole reason for this series to exist is because Logan regained ALL his memories. Keeping that in mind you'll be scratching your head at a certain point of the story.

Again Steve Dillon is just the wrong artist for this book. I loved his work on Preacher and Punisher, and it hasn't changed since then... but it's just plain wrong for this book.

Ok... enough complaining. What's good about this? Well... I have read worse comic books in my time.


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