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Premiering a new ongoing series that picks up where House of M #8 and “Origins and Endings” (WOLVERINE #36-40) left off! Armed with the one thing that could kill him, as well as key clues to his very existence, Logan embarks on the first leg of a long and bloody quest for vengeance against those who once enslaved him. No longer feeling the need to play it quiet, Logan’s first strike elicits a Condition Critical response from the U.S. government. With no other choice, they drop their bomb – and you won’t believe who it is! When Logan hits D.C., someone’s going to be waiting for him. [Whatever you do, don’t turn to the last page of this issue until you’ve read the whole issue -- you’ll regret it if you do.]

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Good start 0

Lately it seems many Heroes and getting a closer look at there origins and where at first i thought this would be a bit lame, Wolverine shows up and makes it great.  As some may know, since I've read Old Man Logan, I've been a big fan of Wolverine and been trying to read a little more into him, this is the perfect place to start  This book starts right out with Action, deceit and so many other things that make comics as great as they are....

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Wow, what an amazing issue...NOT!!! 0

I only picked this up because I wanted to know more about Logan's past, besides the usual stuff with Alpha Flight, Weapon X and so on. But what I got was Wolverine having a run-around in the White House and had a Secretary (who was a mole in the higher up's) killed by a dumb robot. The dialogue was dull, Wolverine looked like an Old Granny with that face, in fact EVERYONE had the same face design. S.H.I.E.L.D. didn't do much, and who the hell was that weirdo at the end of the issue? The only int...

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Why of why? 0

When I first picked this up I thought; "Hey the Wolverine book has been really great so why not this." Wow was I wrong. First off the art is terrible. Every character, including females, have the same face! It's very annoying to see a woman and Wolverine with the same face and basically the same body. Not only is the art terrible, but the writing is boring. It's one of those comics were they talk a lot, but never really say anything. Nothing about this game is interesting or good. Well that's no...

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