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New printing of Origin series.

Collects issues #1-6


To many, Wolverine is Marvel's finest hero--the best there is at what he does. Genetics, environment, divine intervention: what incredible forces created this man--the world's greatest killing machine with a heart a big as the great outdoors! For years we followed Wolverine in the desperate search for his past, from the wilds of the Canadian wilderness to the teeming cities of Japan and beyond. But despite his perseverance and longing for the truth, Wolverine remained an enigma to himself and all those around him.


Rose, a twelve-year-old girl, is taken in by John Howlett after her parents passed away and to watch over the sickly James Howlett. John’s father, rich and full of hate, despises his son’s soft side. John’s wife, Elizabeth whom suffers from mental illness, lives upstairs. Rose becomes friends with James and “Dog” Logan, the son Thomas Logan the grounds keeper. Thomas Logan, also despises John’s kindness. Thomas Logan gets drunk and beats Dog. It also seems that Thomas Logan had a love affair with Elizabeth.

Time passes a year or so and the bad fortune at the Howlett mansion seems to increase.

Rose inadvertently walks in on Mrs. Hopkins, the house maid whom is helping Elizabeth Howlett dress and Rose notices large claw-like scars on Elizabeth’s bare back. Rose is then thrown out of the room by Mrs. Hopkins. In awe, Rose runs out of the house and runs into Dog who attempts to molest her. James follows Rose outside. When seeing what is about to happen to Rose, James runs inside to his father. John Howlett confronts Thomas Logan about his son’s behavior. Later, James is at his older brother’s grave, and is attacked by Dog. Dog kills James’s dog for getting him into trouble. John fires Thomas. Later that evening, Thomas and Dog return to the house killing Mr. Kenneth and holding Rose hostage. They go upstairs to Elizabeth’s room where they are confronted by John. John is beaten and then shot dead just as James enters the room. James enraged, attacks Thomas and kills him. James screams with bone-like claws dripping with blood protruding from the back of his hands. James and Rose run out of the house after all the chaos. Elizabeth puts a shotgun to her head and pulls the trigger. When the constables arrive with Howlett senior, Dog accuses Rose of committing the killings. The next day James and Rose return to the house. Awaiting them is Howlett senior, who gives them money and tells them never to return. They then leave for the British Columbia and live at a mining camp. Rose gives James a new name…“Logan.”

Two years pass, James, now called Logan, grows in strength and ability, but not in will. He allows the outpost’s cook, Cookie Malone, to bully and threaten him. Smitty, the foreman of the mining company, stands up Logan and chastises him for not standing up for himself. Logan is, however, developing a reputation for his hunting prowess and his generosity as he shares a deer kill he has made with a widow. Logan also seems to be slowly accepting his animal nature as he confronts a black wolf but then submits to the wolf’s position as pack leader. Logan further embraces his feral side as he begins to hunt with his wolf pack. Meanwhile, Smitty and Rose begin a relationship with one another. As Logan gains greater popularity, Cookie, out of spite, attempts to sabotage the dynamite Logan uses, which results in a number of workers being killed. Logan, however, survives, while saving the life of a young widow’s son. This action only enhances Logan’s reputation within the outpost’s community. During the funeral for the men who died, Logan catches Cookie rifling through the dead men’s possessions, looking for valuables to steal. Logan proceeds to fight Cookie and beats him rather soundly. Logan warns Cookie that if he doesn’t leave, he will die. Logan runs home excitedly to tell Rose of the encounter only to find Rose kissing Smitty. Enraged and heartbroken, Logan runs off and challenges the wolf pack’s leader and kills him. The other wolves now recognize Logan as pack leader. Back in Alberta Howlett senior, now on his deathbed, has second thoughts about sending James away. He asks Dog to find him, which Dog agrees to do.

Smitty and Rose decide to marry and move back to the city. In order to come up with the money for the trip, Smitty enters a single elimination cage match with a $200 purse. Logan also enters hoping to fight Smitty. Meanwhile, Dog is on Logan’s trail and tracks him down at the cage match. After eliminating the other opponents, Smitty and Logan face off. During the match, Logan has a change of heart and throws the match. After the match, Dog attacks Logan. Rose attempts to intervene, but is accidentally killed when she falls into Logan’s claws. In grief, Logan retreats and rejoins his wolf pack.

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Wolverine: Origin Review 0

Now although Paul Jenkins is the main writer on this story the then Editor-in-Chief of Marvel, Joe Quesada, and the former vice president of Marvel, Bill Jemas would have a lot to do with the story’s plot. The overall story would be simply amazing, as despite the fact that this isn’t your normal Wolverine story, it would have a lot of depth to it, as well as have the perfect tone for a Wolverine origin story. I also loved how this would show Wolverine in a different light, whilst also showing th...

8 out of 8 found this review helpful.
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