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In the otherdimensional realm of Geshem, Earth-616’s Wolverine is recruited by the Shaman, Geshem’s counterpart to Professor X, to put an end to the Beast, an alternate reality version of the homicidal Sabretooth. After a horrific and bloody battle, the Beast flees, leaving Wolverine badly injured. Meanwhile, in the capital of Geshem, the Shaman, along with Hector, the Nightcrawler of Geshem, formulate a stratagem to combat the evil Beast against Queen Rain’s wishes.

On Muir Island, the wolf’s head pendant given to Wolfsbane by Wolverine begins to glow with mystical energy inside of her trinket box.   Her mind is swapped with that of Queen Rain of Geshem, Wolfsbane’s royal counterpart, and the queen attacks Bishop when Wolfsbane’s screams draw him to her bedroom. Professor X uses mental telepathy to make Queen Rain sleep, and informs Bishop and Moira MacTaggert that the young woman’s mind residing inside of Wolfsbane is not from their reality.

Back in Geshem, Wolfsbane angrily attacks the Shaman for stealing her from Earth-616 once again, until she meets Geshem’s version of the X-Men, and allows the Shaman to explain that one of Geshem’s mystical pools requires bonding in order for the realm’s wild magic to remain in check. Wolfsbane learns that she is married to Geshem’s alternate reality counterpart to Cypher, while Moira MacTaggert learns in the medlab on Muir Island that Queen Rain is eight weeks pregnant with their first child. The Shaman then requests that Wolfsbane pose as their queen to rally troops against the Beast.

The citizens of Geshem band together at Wolfsbane’s "royal" proclamation to put an end to the Beast, once and for all. They wage a fierce battle, in which many die at the hand of the Beast. Wolverine succeeds at slaying the Beast’s host body, and Wolfsbane meet Queen Rain for the first time. She proclaims Wolfsbane a peer to the realm, and Wolfsbane finally returns to her own dimension, much to the relief of her friends on Muir Island. Wolverine, having fulfilled Queen Rain’s request, goes his own way once satisfied that his mission is complete.

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