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What do you get when you cross an enraged feral fighting machine with a shiny roller-skating diva? Beautiful music, of course...


After a show, Dazzler and her manager walk to the dressing room. Dazzler is pumped about the night's performance, as well as her appearance at Sunday's Mega Bowl Halftime Show in Philadelphia. The manager, Kathleen, makes a remark about Dazzler remaking herself once disco goes out, but their playful banter is cut short when Dazzler opens the door to her dressing room and sees the word "Die!" splashed across the wall.

At Xavier's, the Professor attempts to talk Dazzler into laying low until the person can be found, but Dazzler will have none of it; especially since the Mega Bowl is only days away. Wolverine enters and sends a few barbs Dazzler's way. She returns fire. Xavier then decides that Wolverine should be added to Dazzler's security detail. Dazzler hates the idea and states she'll probably just kill herself. Wolverine proposes a buffer: bringing along Kitty Pryde.

Out in the halls, Kitty is ecstatic. Siryn is visiting and also gets excited for Kitty's opportunity. Not wanting to miss out on any of the fun, Siryn runs to the Professor to get permission to attend, as well. Kitty isn't pleased. On the bus, Siryn gushes about how awesome it is that they are traveling with Dazzler. Kitty tries to set some boundaries: she and Wolverine are X-Men; Siryn is backup. Just then, manager Kathleen informs Dazzler that one of the backup singers has strep throat and can't make it to the Mega Bowl. Wolverine takes the information and tells Dazzler that it's too bad because she needs the help of others with singing. Hearing of the problem, Siryn bounds forward and gives an impromptu performance of "Amazing Grace." Dazzler joins in and everyone agrees that the two sound great together. Kitty, again, is not pleased.

Setting up for the performance, Kitty starts to feel like she's a fifth wheel. Wolverine doesn't help with the hauling, Siryn is singing, and Dazzler doesn't notice her. Backstage, Siryn prepares to go on. Kitty looks on and Kathleen approaches. The two agree that sometimes they get feelings of resentment for being overlooked. Before long it's time to get in positions. Wolverine senses something is amiss with Kitty and he tells her to get her head in the game.

During the show, Kitty notifies Wolverine that a mysterious man is approaching the stage. He's wearing a jacket and sunglasses and he seems to be reaching for something. Wolverine instructs Siryn (in her earpiece) to amp her voice to make Dazzler's light show all the brighter. Kitty and Wolverine use the blinding distraction to approach the man to find that he was reaching for a camera. Acting as the copyright police, the man gets escorted away. Due to the brilliance of the lights, the TV network had to go to break and Dazzler's performance was canceled. In the hallways, the security detail is apologetic about the confusion, but then Kitty turns on Kathleen and claims that she was the one who sent the death threat.

Before any real excuse can be given, a pie hits Dazzler in the face. A man had thrown it while shouting "Disco sucks!" Wolverine grabs the guy and escorts him away. The man ends up being Kathleen's old boyfriend. He got upset when Kathleen decided to devote all her time to Dazzler. And the message in the dressing room? It was supposed to say "Pie!", but he'd run out of room for the "p". Back at the mansion, Wolverine sort of gives Kitty a hard time. Then again, he states, he could smell the pie and he knew there was no real danger. Besides, disco does suck, so Dazzler deserved that pie to the face.

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