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Wolverine Is An Animal

Wolverine heads to the ruins of the Stamford incident to try and pick up Nitro's scent to track him down. Wolverine and a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents find Nitro in a cabin in the woods and attempt to ambush him. Nitro uses his powers again to self-destruct and kills everyone there except for Wolverine who's flesh had been melted from his skeleton, but due to his healing factor he regenerated and started beating Nitro severely until he was attacked from behind by a person named Janus who is an Atlantean. Namor shows up and knocks Wolverine out and takes Nitro prisoner back to Atlantis. Wolverine follows them to Atlantis and comes to an agreement with Namor concerning Nitro. Namor informs Wolverine that a man by the name of Walter Declun(the CEO of Damage Control INC) was the person responsible for supplying Nitro with MGH causing Nitro's powers to boost their level. Wolverine does everything in his power to track Walter Declun down and bring justice in his own way to all those who were murdered in the Stamford incident. 
 Wolverine & Nitro
My Thoughts:
This is a story of revenge, justice, vengeance, payback and retribution as Wolverine goes on a rampage not allowing anything to stop him from doing what he feels in necessary and what he feels must absolutely be done. He's so committed he doesn't even let the Sentry(one of his Avenger teammates) stop him from carrying out his mission and even attacks him as well as not listening to his X-Men teammates who advise him not to get involved in this situation. Even though the Sentry did overpower him and knock him out, it didn't stop him from getting right back to his mission the moment he woke up. Marc Guggenheim has done an excellent job writing and Humberto Ramos did a phenomenal job on the art which is just amazing. This is one of the best Civil War crossovers that was written and one that every comic fan should read.

Rating: 5/5


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