caladbolglight's Wolverine & the X-Men #7 - Mutatis Mutandis, Conclusion: It Ain't Easy, Bein' Brood review

Today's lesson: Aliens!!

THE PLOT We see more of this mysterious alien threat targeting Broo and his mission. "My name is Professor Xanto Starblood. And I'm on a mission of science." Back in Kitty's abdomen, Warbird and Iceman attempt to restrain the now Brood-infected Kid Gladiator. Beast decides that the fastest way to rid Kitty of the Brood is to blow up the egg sack attached to her. Professor Starblood tells Broo that compassion is not a trait for the Brood to have, and that Broo is upsetting the natural order of things. Wolverine and Kid Omega continue to hack and mind-attack every bouncer who gets in their way. Kitty enlists the help of the Bamfs to attack Prof Starblood, while he noticed that they are not true Bamfs. But before he can say what exactly they are, he is pummeled by Krakoa. As Prof Starblood attacks again, Broo looses it. He viciously attacks Prof Starblood as Kitty's uterus explodes and Wolverine is hit by an unknown energy attack. Later: Prof Starblood is rescued from Broo by S.W.O.R.D, Kid Gladiator is being de-transformed from being a Brood, and Kitty and Bobby share a rather passionate kiss, much to Warbird's chagrin. Krakoa solves the school's money problems by growing money on trees. Back in space, we see what happened to Wolverine. What's wrong with your legs!?!??! THE GOOD I love the art, I love the writing, and I love the humor. I need to stop saying that. Broo's change of character was powerful and shocking. I do actually love how Bradshaw draws the Brood, they're really quite scary looking. Prof Starblood was an interesting little touch and Warbird has to be the funniest character anyone has ever written. Kudo's to Aaron for that creation. THE BAD Nothing. THE VERDICT Stellar issue. Get it. NEXT TIME: A gentlemen called SABRETOOTH.

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    Suck it, alien pinheads 0

    Yup... that's about the pinnacle of inspired dialogue in this one. Where are the 5 stars coming from? The artwork i can best describe as what you might find in a 5-year old's coloring book... overly cute character work, generic paneling and backgrounds, and coloring limited to the 32 count in your crayola box. Just all blah.I was so pumped for this series after the first 4 issues. But reading issues 5 thru 7 just totally killed it. I see Bachalo is back for issue 8, so i'll see how much longer ...

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