caladbolglight's Wolverine & the X-Men #3 review

Well...what's next?

THE PLOT Flashback: Two weeks -- Returning from a mission with the Avengers, Wolverine and Captain America discuss Logan re-opening the school. Wolverine tells Cap that he's taking custody of Quentin Quire. Cap isn't pleased, but he agrees. He and Wolverine give Quire a couple of stern warnings. Now: Quire continues to watch the action unfolding outside the school, until Idie and Broo's battle with Sauron and Wendigo crashes through the wall. Kid Gladiator decides to join in as well and the battle continues anew until Quire decides to telepathically end it. Quentin reluctantly joins in the battle and effectively out-reasons Krakoa. Wolverine basically tells the Hellfire Club to get off his lawn. The Next Day: At Kilgore Arms, Matt Murdock shows up and sues Kade Kilgore 879 million dollars for the destruction of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Back at the school, classes continue and reconstruction is on its way, with Krakoa greatly assisting in the efforts. Beast has managed to convince the board of governors to keep the school open and all seems well. Back at the Hellfire Club, Kilgore has enlisted the help of someone to destroy Logan's life and school...and who better to do the job than Sabretooth! THE GOOD Once again, the humor is all there, and boy is it humorous! Logan's interaction with Kid Omega is also really quite something as well. I'm anxious to see more of what these two characters have to say to one another. Quire also being benevolent is nice, and I hope we see more of that side of him soon! The sueing of Kilgore is a nice touch, as is the character cameo as well. THE BAD I'm not really a fan of the reveal at the end of the comic, but I'm open minded for where it is gonna take us. THE VERDICT Another great chapter in the life of the X-Men. Definitely worth your money.


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