stormtrance1618's Wolverine & the X-Men #3 review

"Professor Wolverine... I'll be damned."

So it turn's out that Beast built the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning on top of the living island known as Krakoa. Turns out, no one can stop him. No one but the mutant rebel without a cause, Quentin Quire aka Kid Omega! He decides to try to stop Krakoa because if he's gonna be miserable at this school, then so is everyone else. But whether or not he can stop Krakoa isn't important. The fact that none of the other students know who Kid Omega is what is really driving him crazy.

The first story arc comes to a great conclusion by Jason Aaron. There is plenty of action but there's a whole lot of humor. Laugh out loud humor! Seriously, I don't know that I've ever laughed this much while reading a comic. But while it's humorous, it fits the tone of the series perfectly. Everything everyone says is exactly what we would expect them to say!

Kid Omega gets his second chance here. Logan convinces his fellow Avenger, Captain America, that the best way to rehabilitate Quentin is by enrolling him in his school. Last issue was Iceman's time to shine. This time, Kid Omega steals the show. And there are some really unique friendships and relationships building. Even though the students are getting much face time, they are each unique and amazing. It will be awesome seeing them grow up and shine!

Not to be out done by Aaron, Chris Bachalo does some amazing art again. He's joined by Duncan Rouleau and Matteo Scalera, but they have a similar look and the majority of the issue is Bachalo's. Another great looking flashback to open the comic but there's a two page piece that steals the show towards the end. Logan, flanked by faculty and students, saying "stay the Hell away from my school" should make anyone stand up and cheer. Not just by what Logan says but by the amazing scene Bachalo is able to create.

It was a great ending to the first story arc. Will the focus on the series continue to be the school and what goes on within it or will the adventures take the kids away from the school? I hope it continues in the school, because there is unlimited potential here to be a great long series!


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