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What happened to this series? When it launched it was great. It was the better of all of the X-Men books. Maybe it was always kind of "meh" but just better than the 'good not great' Uncanny X-Men at the time. But now we have All New X-Men and that is trumping all of the other X-books.

This is filler, and is completely unnecessary until the last page.

This book is divided into four segments done as "dates". Really only one is a formal date. We have Kitty and Iceman on a date, Wolverine and Storm training in the danger room, teenage Jean Grey and Quentin, and Idie visiting an unconscious Broo. There is also a short segment with Kade Kilgore learning how to shoot a gun with Sabertooth. But it was short and pointless.

The Kitty/Iceman segment was ok. They are out to dinner, realize they have nothing to really talk about, then the decide to phase shift through a floor, phase shift through a hurricane, and then go to the desert and give people blocks of ice. That's their date pretty much.

Quentin shows up to rebel and work out some teenage angst against a Professor X statue. He finds the past teenage Jean Grey hanging out. They have a conversation telepathically, then Quentin makes a move on Jean. Because that would be the most interesting pairing, we can't have that, and she rejects him. Oh well.

Storm, upset over the fact that her marriage to The Black Panther ended finds Wolverine fighting shower danger room. Remember everything in the school is a danger room. Wolverine and Storm work out their regression. Storm takes a shower, while (I think) Wolverine just hangs around, and then cuts her hair into a mohawk. Ok. If you've seen the cover you can pretty much guess what happens next. DC did it better with Superman and Wonder Woman.

We also have a small one page sequence of Beast and Abigail on the S.W.O.R.D. ship. Beast kind of stands her up so he could watch Brood autopsy videos. Blink and you'll miss it.

The ending was the best and the most interesting part. It has made me interested in the next issue. From what I've seen the book only has one issue next month. Maybe just maybe that will help the story, because coming out twice a month is hurting this book. Every other issue is a filler. I'm very close to dropping this book, and honestly that upsets me. I really dug it when it started. Then ever since AVX, it has lost it's footing. It doesn't know what it wants to be. It's not good, and is mostly turning into filler. At a price tag of $3.99 that's a bad thing.

But I will check out next issue just to see what happens with the ending from this issue. At least they are starting to include the students again.

If you are reading All New X-Men, that's honestly all you need to read. Maybe the upcoming Uncanny X-Men that looks very promising. I want to like this again. To quote Idie from the issue "Make it fun again".

Posted by Dark Noldor

I had some laughs

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