caladbolglight's Wolverine & the X-Men #2 review

A Day in the Life of a Mutant

THE PLOT. Flashback: Two weeks ago -- Wolverine tells Bobby why he wanted him to join the team in Westchester. He wants Bobby to do something amazing, to bring in some special flavor. Bobby gives it a thought. Now: As the baby Krakoa continues to trash the school grounds, the teacher's pick up their game trying to defend their home. The Hellfire club decide to unleash more weapons: they transform the school board inspectors into a Sauron and a Wendigo and unleash an army of mini-Frankensteins with flamethrowers on the students. After Broo rescues Idie from a Frankenstein a little inter-alien fraternization occurs. Iceman decides that the time has come to step up his game. Creating numerous ice men similar to the AoA version of him, he quickly defeats the remaining Frankensteins. Feeling bold, he thinks it'd be romantic to give Kitty a lil' smooch. Lockheed however, decides to literally heat things up. But there is no stopping Krakoa unless they get the help of ridiculously powerful mutant Quentin Quire! THE GOOD. While by no means am I a fan of the art, it does provide a certain level of hectic-ness that fits the events. To me it just seems sloppy. The amount of humor in this book is a real treat, as most comics nowadays take themselves way too serious. Whether it's Lockheed's overprotectiveness of Kitty Pryde or Kid Gladiator's love of punching, this comic is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Long time fans will love the reemergence of some longtime X-Men caves and new fans can identify with new additions Broo, Kid Gladiator and Warbird (who I want to see more of). Bobby developing more as a character is also something to look forward too as well. You'll be left wondering what's next. THE BAD. I do hope that we're gonna see more of the other X-Men teaching (Chamber, Doop) as well as other New X-Men like Graymalkin and Mercury. I just hope that they don't forget anyone. The art, as I said before, is a change I'm looking forward too. Just a couple little faults. THE VERDICT. Along with Uncanny X-Force this has to be one of the better books currently on the X-Market. If your reading this now, you better step up your game. A good, solid read.

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