stormtrance1618's Wolverine & the X-Men #2 review

Ice Ice Baby!

Wolverine and the X-Men continues to amaze me. The hilarity, quirkiness, and craziness continues!

The first day of classes for the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning has been a disaster. The crazy and unique school and it's even crazier and more unique faculty and students have convinced the State Education employees to go back to their department and shut down the school. But then, the new and younger Hellfire Club shows up. They have vowed to destroy the school and they are proving to do so by unleashing Frankenstein soldiers with flamethrowers and by turning the State employees into monsters. The Jean Grey School didn't even last one day.

Writer Jason Aaron nails it once again. If you want fun, it doesn't get more fun than this. And hysterical. There are several lines of dialogue that made me literally laugh out loud. We get to see how crazy the new Hellfire Club is, we get some great dialogue from the students, and Iceman finally decides to quit being the lame joke of a super hero and steals the show. If you are a fan of Iceman, you will love the moment he taps into his full potential. There's even a brief flashback to open the issue where Wolverine explains why he needs Iceman.

Everybody likes you Bobby. They always have. You're a fun guy. You're everybody's favorite uncle. But I'm gonna need you to be more than that now. Hank's gonna build us a school. Kitty's gonna run it. And you, Bobby, you're gonna hold it all together. Scott always said of all the original X-Men, you had the most untapped potential. We can't afford untapped anymore. We can't leave anything in the tank this time.

Apparently, Iceman took Wolverine's words to heart. Iceman, like Wolverine asks for, is nothing less than amazing.

Chris Bachalo continues the amazing art work. He opens up the comic with the flashback in black and white that looks amazing and has a really cool full one page splash of the Frankenstein flamethrower soldiers. There's so much going on in each of his panels that it's kind of hard to tell what all is going on, but as I said, his art works for this series.

This still feels like something from Harry Potter. Add in the new villain that appears in the last few pages and the last page shot of the only one at the school that can stop him, I eagerly await the next issue.

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