cafeterialoca's Wolverine & the X-Men #2 review

Is Aaron on a sugar rush?!

This book is features the next step of Wolverine's first day of classes, and things...get really out of control. And I don't mean normal comic book out of control, I mean SERIOUSLY out of control.

The Good

Ice Man steps it up this issue. Which is good after years of doing nothing. And I guess the art does match the tone of the book.

The Bad

And here I come, being the big mean critic.

The book is a mess. There is TOO much going on and it's making the book far to zany for me to appreciate. We have a total of three threats rampaging through the school, two relationships starting up (I'll get to that in a moment), and just endlessly clustered artwork that you can't make heads or tail about what's going on.

The zaniness of the book feels fake. Frankenstein's with flamethrowers? The Board of Education turning into monsters? "I bout a zoo so I can play hammer the penguins!" This isn't someone trying to buildup a punchline of a whacky scenario, this is just "LOL, look how random I can be!" It's as if an Invader Zim fan took over the book and you can get the idea that it's trying way too hard to be whacky, but ends up feeling fake.

And the other big problem that writers EASILY can annoy me with. I call it "Girls don't matter until a tongue is shoved down their throats." Two female characters are sent into relationships, and you can tell that this would only benefit the male character over the female. Compare what Rachel Summers does this issue to what almost everyone else, and you can see that Aaron falls flat with the female characters. It really is a frustrating cliche when the girl is "Shoved into relationship first, then figure out what they can do later." Again, Pet Peeve of mine.


I know I'm probably going to be the only one bothered by this, but I honestly can't tell whether to like or hate this book. It clearly shows enthusiasm, but I feel that it's out of control. It comes off as a love letter to Iceman at times, to just being "LOL, this would be soooo funny to put here!"

Unless this book can just cool it's heels once in a while, this might be a calamity I might want to avoid in the future.


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