dark_noldor's Wolverine & the X-Men #18 - Dance Like There's No Tomorrow! review

AvX's Last Act

The last hour of this event has come and while Wolverine is fighting side by side with his fellow X-Men and Avengers in Utopia, Kitty Pride and the rest of the staff are doing their best back at Jean Grey's School, trying to keep things as normal as possible and what would be better for that than throwing a ball? Welcome to the first ever Jean Grey School Dance!! But not everything is dandy in the school, since Aaron is stirring things a lot, like the return of the evil kids of Hellfire Club (they were back in issue 16), the issue with Paige and the interactions of the students, especially Broo and Idie (for the first time I enjoyed this character who thinks she's condenmned to hell). The pace in this issue is awesome, as Aaron combined scenes of Utopia with the School, reintroducing the Hellfire Club as a big menace and developing things in school. With the big bang end of AvX the School will have to accept new students, so big changes are sure to happen, like the return of several X-Men that were at Cyclops' side. Jorge Molina did a great job here, he's an excellent artist. I gotta say this (there's no spoiler here, just a heads up) that Jason Aaron is a bad, a mean and an evil man for what he did to me in this issue, I'll never forgive him for what he did!! Great issue!! :)

Posted by tomlikesfries

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    Overview: The world is about to end, but Kitty Pryde insist that school goes on like normal (or as normal as it gets for the Jean Grey Academy)The Good: I really enjoyed this issue more then alot of the previous ones, it kept it fun loving vibe while dealing with some very series issues. It was able to delve into the whole End of AvX, acknowledge it and still build it's own story in the process. The attention that Husk is finally getting is really nice considering how much i like the character a...

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