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Dance like there's no tomorrow

Overview: The world is about to end, but Kitty Pryde insist that school goes on like normal (or as normal as it gets for the Jean Grey Academy)

The Good: I really enjoyed this issue more then alot of the previous ones, it kept it fun loving vibe while dealing with some very series issues. It was able to delve into the whole End of AvX, acknowledge it and still build it's own story in the process. The attention that Husk is finally getting is really nice considering how much i like the character and how i have felt her and chamber (along with several others) have just be faded into the background and ignored for the most part. The Art is good, i especially like the way the new hellfire club looks, despite being children they look more to be teens or even pre teens and it makes it just a smidgen more believable, oh not to mention the ending the ending is honestly unexpected and makes you so eager to see the next issues.

The Bad: There is really no "bad" in this issue, it's very compelling and has a nice story. Still for a book to get 5 stars i think it needs to be more then a great issue, i want people to when they see 5 stars from me realize this is a very Epic comic. So it gets a very solid 4.

The Verdict: A great read, i would suggest anyone pick it up and take a read. If your at all curious about AvX, or the X men in general you need to read this. It's imo much better then most of the issues before that and that is saying alot considering how much i enjoyed those. It's a great read and if you have any interest at all it's well worth your money GO READ NOW!

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Posted by McKlayn

yea thats what i meant by the ending that you couldn't have expected, still this is comic books not sure if its too far to come back from that

Posted by ThePRez

the ending is the bad thing. WHY

Posted by McKlayn

lol don't get too caught up yet, its the comic world things are not always as they seem. Honestly if it sticks ill be shocked

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