dark_noldor's Wolverine & the X-Men #14 - My Dinner with the Phoenix review

In the memory of Jean Grey: keeping the school

Note: this is a review of issues 9 to 14!

When it's about tie ins of Marvel big events I'm always a little suspicious of the quality of the stories, but being a big fan of Chris Bachalo and Nick Bradshaw, also since I was enjoying a lot this ongoing title, I decided to give it a shot and let me tell you all, it has been worth it, a lot!! Jason Aaron is doing a terrific job in this arc story, delivering fun, action and a deep aproach on the characters involved, something you don't see in the main title of Avengers Vs X-Men. In these issues we get to see not only Wolverine's moral concern and his doubts about Hope and Phoenix, if will he be able to execute her when the time comes or not. Logan's decision to deliver Hope to the Avengers is well explained in issues 9 to 11 and it fits very well. Also we get to see why some X-Men that aligned with him after Schism decided to join Cyclops' side and after figured out that him and the Phoenixes weres going to the dark side of things. The evolution of characters like Iceman, Angel, Rachel (Marvel Girl) and Kitty Pride are very well portraited in issues 09 to 14, especially Rachel's dilemma of becoming a Hound again, something she despises, but it's explained of her fear of the future she's trying to avoid! Issue 10 was very interesting due to the conversation of Logan and Scott, as the latter tried to convince Logan to support the mutants cause, to help him save the mutants from the brink of extinction (that's the motivation of Cyclops, that's why he's doing all he's doing, the ends justify the means). I believe Jason Aaron is responsible for creating a very interesting parallel story of the facts happening in the main title, introducing new elements to the plot, giving perspective for those who didn't received the spotlight in the AvX 12 issues title, also developing characters and situations that make this title worth buying, like the aproach of Warbird, the situation involving Kid Gladiator and his father and the amazing confrontation (or dinner) of Kitty and Colossus. I believe every X-fan will enjoy and savor these 6 issues, not only for the story being told, filled with comedy (there are awesome and funny dialogues between Beast, Logan and Iceman), but because of the art too! Chris Bachalo did a phenomenal job in here, he's at the top of his game, also he has grown a lot in the color department (in comparision to his stint in the X-Men with Spider-Man and vampires thing). I'm a big fan of Bradshaw's style and Jorge Molina created great scenes also. Wrapping up, I believe this book gives a lot of perspective to what's going on in the AvX arc story, molding characters, giving them reason and feelings, something that often doesn't happen in the main title AvX, due to the nature of such events! Highly recommended even if you're not reading the AvX arc story!!


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