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From Phoenix with love

Out of all of the Phoenix Five, not much time has been spent on Colossus. I mean we see him fighting along side Scott and the others but never get his take on everything that has happened. More importantly, we never got a chanceto see how Kitty is adjusting to the fact that her former love is now a god- possibly corrupt. This issue delivers on everything you can hope for. The humor and great writing that has been watered down for the past few issues is back in full gear with 60% more bamfs. The dialogue between Kitty and Colossus is definitely the highlight. Jason Aaron does a great job answering the question of whether or not the phoenix is corrupting these hosts and if they are aware of it. The art is kind of a mixed bag. On one hand the attention to detail and color is solid, particularly the background panels of where the hot date is taking place. On the other hand there are a few occasions were the facial expressions ( mostly Kitty's) just look odd. Despite that, this is a good issue of WAX and now I feel more confident in picking up the next issue.

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