moodykingmoron's Wolverine & the X-Men #1 - Welcome to the X-Men! Now Die! review

Strange days ahead...

I've never been much into the X-men after the dreadful run of Chuck Austen and the simple fact that the stories were mostly the same with cheap relationship drama and the same tired old ''humans oppressing mutants'' schtick that got old years ago. The X-Men were great during the Grant Morrison era when the book embraced how silly the whole concept was. This book also follows that same idea that the X-Men don't have to be dark and serious to be awesome and that Marvel books can have as much fun with the charatcers as any DC book can.

While I still think Jason Aaron is better suited to writing crime noir type stories rather than flashy superhero stuff, here it seems like he works well with simply making things as goofy as possible rather than trying to apply his dark noir style to superhero stories. There are a few things I dislike about this book though. Chiefly is Kade Kilgore, boy is he fricking annoying. I've had some familiarity with the events of Schism and for him to come right up to Wolverine and boast that he's behind everything rubbed me the wrong way. Now if Jason Aaron wanted to write him this way just to make that much more satisfying when he gets his smug ass kicked than let's hope that happens.

The art I think really suits the premise of the story and while Chris Bachalo isn't my favorite artist, here it seems like he can have some fun at least. The last real thought I have is about the price point for this book. $3.99 is too much for a single issue. I can understand if Marvel does this crap for poly-bagged premiere issues, but this shouldn't be $3.99.

All in all, I was impressed by this book and I'm even interested enough to stop the Marvel bashing I've been doing and pick this up every month.

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