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School's in Session

LOVED IT! Completely flawless, and everything we could have hoped for. I was hesitant to say the very least when it came to this entire splitting of the X-men idea. I just didn’t think it was necessary to have two completely separate and opposing camps of the same mutant team, going by the same name, with the same general set of ideas (the betterment of mutant kind). But opening day Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning was absolutely everything it could have been and more! Plus it honestly read like an old issue of Uncanny X-men from the 80’s. I love that the first thing we see is Wolverine getting approval from Professor X, something of a passing of the torch from the old vanguard to the new. Charles was somewhat missing from the entire Schism ordeal, except for his role in the Prelude, and with such a huge division of ideals and forces its almost ridiculous to think that he wouldn’t have some role or say in what’s going on. Also, during the ReGenesis one-shot he was also one of the few major mutants that we didn’t see choose a side, but it no seems as though he will be staying with Scott, his “son”, for the duration of this upheaval.

Moving on to the faculty. BOTH AMAZING AND HILARIOUS! Kitty Pryde as headmistress is the most perfect and logical choice there was, and the rest of the faculty (right down to Toad as the janitor) was perfect chosen. And Aaron’s decision to set the story against a Department of Education inspection was not only funny but also made it very easy to show us what the other characters are up to and even some of the classes being taught. Of course anything that could go wrong DID on this wacky tour! From the Danger Bathroom to a coffee pot through the inspector head, this walk through the brand new Mutant U was doomed from the very start. Seeing the new generation of teachers, such as Husk and Rachel Summers, was great for nostalgic fan who remember when the faculty was Professor X and Emma Frost.

We also got some updates on current situations while also meeting new characters. It was very sad to see Idie’s outlook of herself and her fellow mutants has not changed but I am hoping that this is something we will see changes in soon. On the other hand seeing Quentin Quire begrudgingly back at school gave a nice light contrast, something tells me that he will be in detention a lot. I can’t wait to hear more about our new Shi’ar residents, Warbird (no relation to Carol Danvers) and Kid Gladiator, and how they came to be at the Grey School. Glad, to see Broo (the new Brood mutant who has feelings and morals) found a home here, as a lot of things that happen over in Astonishing X-men don’t always make it over to the main books. And the absolute nerve of that brat Kade Kilgore to show up at the front door, confess everything he did to cause the Schism, and pledge to more badness right to Wolverine’s face! If you ask me, Logan should have SNIKTed him where the sun don’t shine.

I had my reservations but this issue more then put those to rest! I loved this issue, really brought me back to a more classic feel for the team. I look forward to seeing Scott continue his mission over in Uncanny X-men, but this is the book for people who remember the more light hearted feel for the mutants, back when entire issues were bedtime stories and baseball games. Not that it was really in doubt, but I am definitely going to continue with this book only now I will be looking forward to it not just keeping up with continuity.


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