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Welcome to the X-Men NOW DIE 0

Marvel moves into a post Schism world with the start of a new ongoing, Wolverine and the X-Men. Logan has taken his X-Men home to the ruins of the old Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and has rebuilt it into the Jean Grey Institute.That’s right Logan the Wolverine is the headmaster….of a school…that teaches people things. He isn’t doing it on his own Kitty Pryde,Iceman,Beast and many others.You can’t just build a completely self sufficient school and call it a school you need the Goverments...

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One Look At Kid Gladiator Makes Me Want to Hurt Things 0

When it comes to Wolverine and the X-Men, readers are pushed into deciding whether they have any threshold when it comes to just how quirky they want their X-Men. This is a book that goes full throttle for the silliness and is completely unapologetic about its total disregard for sense.In record time, the school in Westchester has been not only rebuilt but redesigned to a ludicrous degree as now every room is the Danger Room. Wolverine is now a headmaster. An unlikely group of X-Men are now prof...

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Wolverine Just Can't Catch a Break 0

So all us X-fans know that Wolverine took a bunch of mutants back East with him to the Jean Grey school. Some amount of time has passed and the school is up and running. However, to actually count as a school, they need the approval of the Board of Regents. So we got one of the best X-Men stories of 2011 - a comedic issue in which every single thing that can go wrong goes wrong for Wolverine and Kitty as they try to walk the inspectors around. It almost makes me wish that every issue of Wolverin...

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School of Higher Learning 0

Even though I would rather see Beast in the title role everything about this felt fun and in keeping with a much needed lighter tone. Comics as of late have become too heavy handed, yes they can deal with dark subject matter, but it's okay for them to be fun escapist literature too! This reminded me of the beginning of a fun Boarding School for Misfit Youths, I love the entire idea of it. Glad to see some of my favourites back at school such as Armor, but where is Surge and Elixir?! ...

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Wolverine Brings the X-Men Home 0

What a spectacular issue! I just had to get that out. The old X-Men comics were among the first comics that I read and along with the Animated Series, there were a lot of fond memories of the X-Men growing up. This first issue really brings me back to when the X-Men were part of a school and weren't so militarized. To be honest though, I find it strange that Wolverine was the one to take the kids back. It kind of makes sense in a way because of his code of honor, but if you asked me 15 years ago...

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One of the best X-men series out 0

This my video review on Wolverine and the X-men issue 1. The story is about Wolverine bring back a school for young mutants but everything goes wrong....

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School's in Session 0

LOVED IT! Completely flawless, and everything we could have hoped for. I was hesitant to say the very least when it came to this entire splitting of the X-men idea. I just didn’t think it was necessary to have two completely separate and opposing camps of the same mutant team, going by the same name, with the same general set of ideas (the betterment of mutant kind). But opening day Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning was absolutely everything it could have been and more! Plus it honestly re...

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Kickin' it new school 0

This here post was posted on my Wordpress site, originally. Check that out HERE.Despite the X-Men animated series being probably number 3 on my favorite Saturday morning cartoons list (NOTE: List does not actually exist)- topped only by Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Batman: The Animated Series- I've never truly been a hardcore X-Fan. I know the characters, sure, I even love some of them. But as a team, the X-Men have felt a bit anachronistic to me in the prevailing years. They're a team of...

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Some time has passed since Schism and wolverine has completed the rebuilding but they need approval to make it an official school !! a Jason aaron really puts a comedic effect in this issue I LOVED IT !!!! surprsingly LOGAN keeps his composure and doesn't go into an ALL CAPS RAGE !!! but the one thing i can't understand is who the hell are those nightcrawler babies ?? so yeah i have a problem with this part but the rest is A+++ Even the ending !At first i wished that Bachalo would not be the art...

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Welcome to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning! 0

I'm doing a review of at least all the first Regenesis books. I'll decide then what books I want to continue with.The Story:Wolverine is giving a tour of the almost completed school to the Professor. The Professor gives him a few pieces of advice, and lets him know that he wants this to be Logan's project, not his. The next day, Logan and Kitty greet the inspectors of the Department of Education, who are basically skeptical snot-rags. It's the readers who effectively get the tour, but it's inter...

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This Isn't Your Daddy's School's for Gifted Mutants 0

This issue is a major trip!!!! I don't remember the last time a comic book has been such a compelling read. The first issue of Uncanny X-men was the perfect contrast to this. Uncanny is stiff and brusk just like Cyclops, while this has a hell of a lot more energy. I honestly have a tough time explaining what I liked about this comic because it was just so much fun from beginning to end. There's barely any action in the traditional superheroes pummeling each other sense of the word, but I couldn'...

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Strange days ahead... 0

I've never been much into the X-men after the dreadful run of Chuck Austen and the simple fact that the stories were mostly the same with cheap relationship drama and the same tired old ''humans oppressing mutants'' schtick that got old years ago. The X-Men were great during the Grant Morrison era when the book embraced how silly the whole concept was. This book also follows that same idea that the X-Men don't have to be dark and serious to be awesome and that Marvel books can have as much fun w...

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I hope cyclops is doing better... 0

So right of the Bat I'm going to say that I have NOT read schism. I do not intend to. My understanding is that Wolverine is now the principle of the school and the X-man are divided.Good:Wolverine is one of my all time favourite characters! I went in fairly optimistic.Bad:This is not Wolverine. Wolverine is a bad-ass, renegade, loner who doesn't need the validation of those around him to do what he feels is right... and now Marvel has turned him into the school principle -_-I do not care for the...

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Sorry I'm staying on Utopia! 0

View Summary and Scans HereThe GoodCover-I liked the simplicity of the cover, the team on a blood red background.Humour- Sure word vomit was everywhere but we also got a fair bit of humor throughout which kept the boredom to a minimum.Sheer Lunacy- I get the obscure angle this book is taking with Wolverine as Headmaster, Kitty Pryde as headmistress etc and clearly this line of x-men books will be run under the premise of these characters growing into these roles BUT the practicality of it is los...

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X-Men Meets Hogwarts 0

Writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachald bring you a new series called Wolverine and the X-Men. There's only one way to describe this comic: awesome fun!The effects of Schism has split the X-Men into two groups. Cyclops' faction on Utopia and Wolverine's faction at Xavier's old school. In fact, Wolverine has decided to open a new school, The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. Wolverine as Headmaster doesn't sound like it will work, but he's brought some friends to help him: Headmistress Ki...

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