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LOGAN DIES - PART FIVE - First Published in Wolverine (vol 2) #61.

GET MYSTIQUE - PART ONE - First Published in Wolverine (vol 2) #62.

SOUL SURVIVORS - First Published in Cable & Deadpool #49.



Belgium, April 22nd, 1915: Logan fights in the bloodied trenches of the First World War. He defeats Lazaer, the Angel of Death. Which grants him a special status in the afterlife: everytime Logan dies, his spirit battles Lazaer in Purgatory. Logan always defeats him... Iraq, the present-day: Wolverine and his new partner Amir battle the terrorist group Scimitar. Amir is killed by an assassin called Shogun. Wolverine is force-fed an exploding bomb. His body is saved by his healing factor, but his mined remains lost. Doctor Strange investigates and discovers the Amir's death has weakened Wolverine's resolve, allowing Lazaer to win their latest duel. Wolverine travels to Japan, searching for Shogun and the woman who ressurrected him from death months ago - the mysterious Phaedra. He finds them in a Scimitar base inside Mt Fuji. Phaedra has revived an old enemy of Wolverine's: Shingen Yashida...


Deadpool clashes with his arch-enemy T-Ray, a villian who believes that he is the orginal Wade Wilson. T-Ray kidnaps Deadpool's friends Sandi and Outlaw. Deadpool sticks a sword in T-Ray's head. Doctor Strange later confronts Deadpool and tells him that he has endangered the Universe. He sends Deadpool and Bob. agent of Hydra, into a mystical dimension to find T-Ray's body. Dark magic is spilling from the wound Deadpool inflicted, threatening the barriers between the dimensional planes. Deadpool shoves his sword back into T-Ray's heaf, healing the damage. Doctor Strange states that T-Ray's body and soul must still be reunited. He sends Deadpool and Bob to a Louisiana swamp where they meet Brother Voodoo...

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