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A battle involving the villain Nitro results in the deaths of over 600 civilians. A political uproar follows, and strict legal controls are imposed on superheroes. The Superhuman Registration Act demands that all costumed heroes reveal their identities to the government. Captain America rejects the Act and becomes a fugitive. Wolverine tracks down Nitro. He reveals that his power was amplified by MGH, a drug that stimulates super powers. It was supplied by Walter Declun, a businessman in charge of damage control Inc. The company specialises in repairing damage caused by superhuman. Wolverine kills Declun. Captain America is arrested. On his way to court, he is assassinated…


Deadpool accidentally kills all the leaders of the Four Winds; a collection of families in the Japanese criminal underworld.

However, this enhances his reputation in mercenary circles and he becomes hugely successful. He employs a secretary named Sandi and rents an office. He also hires a confused homeless man to be his biographer. Deadpool is lured to Germany by the Black Swan, an elite assassin. The Black Swan I angry – he believes Deadpool is bringing what he sees as his “noble profession” into disrepute. e has Deadpool beaten and then uses his mental powers to download a virus into Deadpool’s brain. Deadpool’s aim goes askew and his speech begins to be affected. He condition is quickly worsening…

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