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Story begins with Wolverine and Zoe Culloden arriving to Akkaba a small village in Egypt where the people were massacred by Genesis and a mysterious man called Jamil awaits them to lead Wolverine into a trap. Zoe Culloden having prior commitments leaves Wolverine to meet his fate, Wolverine fully aware of a possible trap forces Jamil to lead him to Apocalypse citadel to face his enemies. Upon arriving he threatens to kill Jamil if he informs Genesis or the Dark Riders of his presence, Jamil leaves Wolverine alone near the Citadel to make his way further in. Cannonball having been chasing trail arrives in Mandripoor and meets up with Tyger Tyger who shows him a Warp Chamber in what remains of LL&L building. Cannonball upon entering arrives in Egypt and follows the foot trail to its source.

Wolverine becomes enraged upon seeing what remains of the Akkaba survivors being taken prisoner meant to be sacrificed in order to resurrect Apocalypse while hiding beneath the sands, Once Wolverine manages to make it into the citadel he is spotted by Dirt Nap

who leads Wolverine into an ambush while he is distracted by Dirt Nap due to Wolverine being angry and wanting back the kid that Dirt Nap had absorbed into himself in a previous story.

Genesis manages to shoot Wolverine with a futuristic weapon knocking Wolverine out and the final scene showing Wolverine floating inside a giant water filled tank and beside another an adamantium skeleton that Genesis hopes to reintroduce into his body.

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