artjoker's Wolverine #9 - Get Mystique: Final Repose review

Mystique Exit Stage Left?!

I would have to honestly say this is my pick of the week! Wolverine by Jason Aaron has dragged me to the pits of Hell and back and I just cannot get enough of it. In the last issue Wolverine was literally in the fight for his life, if not his soul. After just barely overcoming numerous obstacles Wolverine has little time for rest, because he is on a warpath of revenge. I think whats most refreshing about this issue is first and foremost Daniel Acuna's art. each page is like dash of van gogh color, mixed with high energy sequential art. the action scenes really do feel action packed. That said in regards to the story, Wolverine chases down the only person whom he knows has any connection to the people who nearly destroyed him: Mystique. I will say that Wolverine's attitude is slightly more agitated than usual, granted he just clawed his way back up from Hell and exorcised a bajillion demons from his mind; I'm just saying that Wolverine is simply FED UP, and it truly is funny and scary to behold. However perhaps the most interesting wild card within this story is the mysterious yet smooth criminal hitman: Lord Deathstrike, who really adds to the fray. However I think where this issue really shines in terms of story is towards the end after said mad action sequence. Without giving to much away Mystique will have a drastically new purpose the next time she slithers back onto the scene ; notably as well Wolverine may still fall prey to the Red Right Hand again if he isn't careful, as it is evident by what he does to Mystique  actually benefits his unseen enemies. well done mister Aaron, well done.
Overall issues:5/5


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    Finally back in his own body, Wolverine is on a mission to get revenge on everyone involved with sending him to Hell. First on his list, Mystique.The GoodI'm really enjoying the fact that we're 9 issues in, and it's technically still the same story arc. Now that Wolverine is in his own body, it's time to go after the people that put him in there. As we saw in the last issue, the only thing in Wolverine's mind is literally revenge, and by golly, he's going to get it.There's a lot of great action ...

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