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SNIKT and Whatnot

Finally back in his own body, Wolverine is on a mission to get revenge on everyone involved with sending him to Hell. First on his list, Mystique.

The Good

I'm really enjoying the fact that we're 9 issues in, and it's technically still the same story arc. Now that Wolverine is in his own body, it's time to go after the people that put him in there. As we saw in the last issue, the only thing in Wolverine's mind is literally revenge, and by golly, he's going to get it.

There's a lot of great action in this issue as Wolverine hunts down Mystique, but she's also being hunted by Lord Deathstrike, a hitman. I've never been a huge fan of the on-going Wolverine series, but I've loved it since Jason Aaron took over. I've also really enjoyed Daniel Acuna on this series as well, and we get to see a bit more action orientated art from him. There's also a great ending to this issue that will tie in with the rest of the upcoming storyline where Wolverine will continue his revenge on essentially everyone that ever wronged him.

The Bad

This issue flies by at Mach 5, and by the time you get through this great fight, the issue is finished. That's probably the biggest bummer of the whole issue. It's just paced incredibly fast. It's not paced poorly by any means, but the vast majority of the issue is Mystique and Wolverine fighting. The book costs $3.99, and I hope to get a good 5 minute read at least when paying for a book.

I'm not a fan of Lord Deathstrike. I know it may be hard to judge a character based on the first issue, but he just seemed like another hitman with super-technology powers. I wasn't feeling it.

Mystique is dead? Huh? Is she actually dead or just dead for the next few issues? I am a sad panda when it comes to this.

The Verdict

Although it was incredibly quick read, and one of the outcomes of this issue left me a bit disappointed, Aaron's run on Wolverine has been phenomenal. In fact, it's the best run on an on-going Wolverine book in years. Some people may have a problem with the art of Daniel Acuna on this book, which I've mentioned in the past, but I truly feel it fits the book and makes it an extremely great read.

Posted by sparty-dbq

Frankly, I was a little PO'd by the end.

Posted by HexThis

Nobody riddles my girl with bullets like that, Logan deserves to burn in hell for doing that to his friend's mother.

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Lord Deathstrike was an excellent read in this issue. I'm glad Wolverine is back on track, I didn't like the last story arc at all

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