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Wolverine makes good on a promise to check up on Garrison Kane. It's a good thing, too, because it looks as if Deadpool is attempting to do the same thing. After a fight, Wolverine is left for dead while Deadpool goes off to find Kane and Copycat. Wolverine's healing factor begins to kick in and he is able to follow Deadpool and ultimately save the two lovebirds.

Wolverine fulfilling a promise to Heather Hudson arrives in San Fransisco to check up on another Weapon X candidate named Garrison Kane. Upon arriving to his home he discovered a splintered door of someone else looking for the kid. Cautiously he enters only to be ambushed by Deadpool the Merc with a Mouth, narrowly avoiding the weapon's fire both men fight each other. During the brief fight Wolverine discovers that Deadpool want to kill Kane for dating his Ex-Girlfriend, Copycat. Wolverine manages to gut Deadpool and slash his face but leaves himself open for a counter attack by Deadpool not aware of Deadpool's own healing factor. Deadpool plunges both swords into Logan's lungs and drops him on the floor as he mockingly explains his healing factor is functioning unlike a certain someone and walks away leaving Wolverine for dead.

Wolverine lying on the floor is relieved to find out the trauma of the injury has once again kick started his healing factor after being none functional for several months. He slowly knits back together surviving the injury while he lies there hoping the his healing factor would speed up in hopes of intercepting Deadpool and keeping him from killing the kid and his girlfriend. Wolverine managing stands up and looks around the room for clues of where Kane might be and finds a picture showing him at a theater stage, while recovering Wolverine heads to the streets hailing a cab to take him to the local theater where both Kane and Copycat work.

While healing inside the cab his cuts and bruises vanish to the drivers surprise as they approach the theater the cab's breaks are unable to engage forcing Wolverine to smash out of the cab using the cab door as a skateboard crashing into the theater just in time to stop Deadpool from killing Kane and Copycat. Deadpool's killing stroke is stopped by Wolverine's timely arrival and halted by Wolverine's arm, Deadpool realizing that Wolverine now has a fully functional healing factor as Logan pulls out the sword from his arm and tosses it aside.

Deadpool seeing he is outnumbered and facing Wolverine he decides to retreat throwing grenades to cover his escape.

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Deadpool in a Wolvie book; sounds like magic, right? If the magic is birthday magic for a five year old, as opposed to a David Copperfield. This issue had flashes of brilliance. Deadpool was sneaky in his fight with Wolverine. Wolverine had better lines (it is his book, after all). These would be the moments at the kid's party in which the magician does something that perks the adults' attention for a moment.But then bird falls out the guy's pants too early and we remember it's a second rate sho...

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