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Wolverine and Gambit arrive in Mandripoor outside the Princess Bar suspicious of how quite it is they realize that their are people waiting for them and decide to crash through the window. Both men shocked realize that it was a surprise party for Wolverine a welcome home gathering. Wolverine and Gambit brush themselves off and begin to enjoy the party.

unknown to the party goers is that there is a small band of hand ninjas on top of the roof who are watching the festivities and waiting for the right time to strike and kill Logan to avenge the Hand and it's Masters. A mysterious stranger arrives as he too is also stalking Wolverine for his own reasons and attacks the ninjas killing them and causing them to fall through the roof. Wolverine and Gambit on alert react only to realize the ninjas fell through and were dead and head toward the roof to investigate the cause. Wolverine using his senses is unable to pick up a scent or trail and realizes whoever it is has similar training as his own and behaves like Sabretooth when stalking. Wolverine guesses anyone who knows him that well is either one of two things friend or foe and if friend why would they be creeping over him.

As Wolverine tries figure out and pinpoint the person he and Gambit are fired upon leading them to chase down the stranger in a trench coat. Wolverine mockingly comments that he hopes it is not some millionaire in a cowl and a utility belt who is after him, as Wolverine is fired upon he manages to get closer to the stranger and tells Gambit to fall back that it is between him and the stranger.

The stranger yells at Wolverine to come at him as he fires at Wolverine purposely missing allowing for Logan to keep approaching and even slashing away his heavy coat and exposing him for who he is, Maverick. Wolverine manages to crawl closer to the Maverick and tells him he can take a good half a dozen shots and even that wont stop him, he will keep coming at him till he cant move no more and with his dying breath stare him in the eyes like a mean o diamond back. As he finishes saying that he smacks away Maverick's weapons.

Wolverine realizing that Maverick was not trying to kill him but was instead trying to get Wolverine to kill him. Wolverine asks why and is answered with Maverick suffering from the legacy virus and being on its final stage, Maverick hoping for a warrior death by a friend. Wolverine refuses and tells him that he wont be the one to kill him and send him to Vahalla. Wolverine informs Maverick that if he wants to die like a man he needs to face the darkness as if he were going to the hardware store.

The story ends with Maverick telling Wolverine he should take his own advise forcing Wolverine to confront how he had been dealing with the loss of his adamantium and mortality by running away and dropping away from the world.

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