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The Story opens up with Elsie Dee and Albert alongside Bloodscream searching for Wolverine in the last place they picked up his mutagenic signature leaving them confused of where Wolverine could possibly be. Elsie Dee takes the time while Albert scans the horizon to recap and inform Bloodscream of their reason of why they are after Wolverine and their own time travel adventure which let them to their quest. Elsie Dee and Albert alongside The Hunter in Darkness travel back in time to the Canadian Wilderness courtesy of Spiral in search for answers having discovered an adamantium skeleton in a burial mount in the present.

The three arrive in the past during a tribal war raid between factions immediately choosing sides against the Native Raiders forcing them to retreat back into the forest. They soon realize the leader of the small tribe is Forge and he along with Wolverine had traveled back in time to fight and stop the Adversary from altering the time stream. Forge & Wolverine leave Elsie Dee, Albert and The Hunter in Darkness to protect the Native Camp from the Adversary's followers while they go to meet the Adversary for their final battle near a waterfall.

Upon the two leaving the Natives grow uneasy with the new strangers blaming them for what had recently occurred to their people a bad omen. They force the three to undergo a ritual gauntlet Albert being the 1st one elected which due to his robotic nature is unharmed and is able to finish it and claim the war trophy at the end proclaiming himself Tribal Chief and preventing any harm to Wendigo, and Elsie Dee.

In the mean time Wolverine and Forge fight the Adversary and durin the battle mass amount of magic and temporal energies shunts all the participants from the battlefield leaving Elsie Dee, Albert and The Hunter and Darkness behind wondering about the current were abouts of Forge and Wolverine. With no way back to the Future they are forced to remain in the past upholding their promise to look after the Tribe and its people. After living among them for years Elsie Dee and Albert are forced to shut down their batteries while The Hunter in Darkness goes into the woods to live with his own kind.

That is when Bloodscream found the Indian Burial Mount where the two robots were discovered and revived. The story ends with a brief showing of Wolverine in a bleak future evading cyborgs bend on the exterminations of mutants. Wolverine is then extracted from the battlefield by a large craft the bay doors open showing a slightly older forge. Wolverine hands Forge a box he had retrieved and upon opening it we see Elsie Dee's fully functional head within it.

The ending explains how Wolverine and Forge were able to retain full memories of their past adventure while reality shifted around them. Wolverine and Forge had both carried time displacement unit while Wolverine was further exposed to chronol energy in a previous adventure which combined with the magic they were exposed to allow them to retain their memories while others cannot. Forge explains that Wolverine had now become a chronol anomaly upon leaving we see Albert among them the three the craft driver.

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