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The Story begins with Wolverine recovering at Heather Hudson's house when Lady Deathstrike crashes through the side of the house with claws extruded ready to claim her heritage, Wolverine's adamantium bones. Lady Deathstrike attacks all in her way to claim her prize which includes, Puck and Heather Hudson. Wolverine unwilling to unshed his now bone claws tackles and wrestles with Lady Deathstrike to keep his friends save, during the battle between them both a gas line is ruptured which causes a small explosion sparked by Lady Deathstrike's exposed wiring. After recovering from the explosion Lady Deathstrike is distracted by Puck and Heather forcing Wolverine to finally extrude his claws subjecting himself to immense pain to protect his friends. Lady Deathstrike turns at the sound of flesh tearing and ripping and is shocked to find that Wolverine no longer has the adamantium in his bones and Wolverine continued to bleed from the wounds created by his claws.

Wolverine makes Lady Deathstrike a deal to spare his friends and she can kill him or if not that they can continue to fight and it will cost her. Lady Deathstrike approaches Wolverine to reach out to him and touch him before withdrawing in anger having felt cheated of her prize as well as Wolverine's words of her having sacrificed humanity for nothing. Lady Deathstrike leaves the house refusing to fight and kill Wolverine a dishonorable act in her eyes knowing that all she has left is her honor and nothing else. Wolverine watches her leave the house.

Lady Deathstrike upon leaving in the Limo that she had arrived is stopped by two other characters who also have been hunting Wolverine, Cylla and Bloodscream. They halt her vehicle and ask her why she did not kill Wolverine and if she will stand against them to kill him. Lady Deathstrike answers she no longer wishes his death but will not stop them two and so it ends and is the beginning of the next issue.

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