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Awesome but a few wtf's

So it's self evident that this is pretty killer - the story, the art, the tone, it's all golden. However, even on my first run through of this issue and the last I have to say there are some pretty glaring inconsistencies. The main two I have a problem with (there are some more but they're small enough to ignore) are 1) when they drive past Loki's crushed giant skeleton in the last issue the two panels show Thor's half brother's hand tilted wrong but far more importantly, 2,on the COVER of part 2 it clearly shows the skeleton of cyclops at the heroes's last stand in Hammer Falls and yet in this issue on the wide panel where Wolverine sees the just-murdered x-men you can easily see cyclops' face with his visor half ripped up. Don't get me wrong - I'm buying this stuff like hotcakes, and they're clearly selling - but c'mon, can you people please keep track of who dies when, where, and how?

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Posted by Harvester427

Good catch, but I would say that both offenses are forgivable. Seeing as how in issue 67 we didn't know yet that Logan had murdered the X-Men. Cyclops' body was probably only put on the cover for dramatic effect. Most cover art depict things that don't happen the same way in the issue, its mostly just to grab attention. So anyone who was walking by and hadn't read the previous issues would think "Corpses? Of famous super heroes? WTF?" and then proceed to read the issue and all its awesomeness. 

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