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I don't understand why everyone is ballling over this book and Millar in general. The only two good things he made was 1985 and Kick-ass. Fantastic Four has been a pile of shit. Funeral of the invisible woman is ridiculous. Civil War was a piece of shit!  War heroes is average. Then we have this. This doesn't even matter. Who cares about an alternate future Wolverine that doesn't play a part in a crisis. And then we have the at least 3 month delays to get each out. Mysterio?? You couldn't use any better villian for example an actual wolverine villian. I didn't think he even had powers. Didn't he use technology. The only positive thing about this is Mcniven's art which is always good. Don't waste ur money on this and to marvel put Jason Aaron back on this book.


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    Awesome but a few wtf's 0

    So it's self evident that this is pretty killer - the story, the art, the tone, it's all golden. However, even on my first run through of this issue and the last I have to say there are some pretty glaring inconsistencies. The main two I have a problem with (there are some more but they're small enough to ignore) are 1) when they drive past Loki's crushed giant skeleton in the last issue the two panels show Thor's half brother's hand tilted wrong but far more importantly, 2,on the COVER of part ...

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