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Old Man Logan continues as Clint hears why Wolverine won't fight any more.

Fifty years ago Wolverine and Jubilee are at the mansion and receive distress calls from the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Fantastic Four, Wakanda and other places. When she tries calling back, no one answers. Wolverine tells her they need to get out of there right away but an explosion hits before they can move. Jubilee is seemingly dead with a piece of rubble jabbed through her head. Logan is then confronted by an army of supervillains. They begin attacking and Wolverine tries fighting them off while the students begin to evacuate. Wolverine is slicing and chopping the villains to shred while calling out to the others, wondering where the rest of the X-Men are. He finally manages to kill all the villains on his own. As Bullseye lies in his arms dying, he begs Logan to stop, saying he was supposed to be their friend.

The mist clears and Wolverine finds Jubilee dead in his arms instead. Mysterio stands behind him and thanks him for his work. He asks Wolverine if he thinks he could really take on forty supervillains on his own. As Mysterio vanishes, Logan is left seeing the massacred bodies of the X-Men bleeding all over the place. Blaming himself, he simply walked away crying. He tried killing himself by letting a train drive over his head but it didn't work. Now Clint knows why Logan vowed to never hurt another living soul.

The next day as they drive through Doom's Head, IL and pass some cloned dinosaurs, little do they realize that the Venom suit has seemingly found a new host.

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Awesome but a few wtf's 0

So it's self evident that this is pretty killer - the story, the art, the tone, it's all golden. However, even on my first run through of this issue and the last I have to say there are some pretty glaring inconsistencies. The main two I have a problem with (there are some more but they're small enough to ignore) are 1) when they drive past Loki's crushed giant skeleton in the last issue the two panels show Thor's half brother's hand tilted wrong but far more importantly, 2,on the COVER of part ...

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I have to disagree the affect that killing all those people had on him was tremendous.  I don't really care if it is an alternate timeline.  I personally am enjoying a Logan with a little humility.  This issue in particular was a tear jerker to imagine that he was single handedly responsible for the deaths of all of his closest friends... I mean WOW.  The art of course is fantastic.  This fanboy will keep reading and looking forward to the remaining issues....

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