strongprotector's Wolverine #7 - Wolverine vs The X-Men, Part 2 of 3 review

Wolverine #7 Review

After knocking the Devil himself off his throne in hell, Wolverine must now exorcise the demons in possession of his earthly body. But can he eliminate the threat in his own mind before his friends eliminate him altogether?    

The Good

The middle part of this 3-part arc did exactly what it is supposed to do in ramping up the action successfully on both fronts. Wolverine lets loose some of his worst memories in order to help him fight the demons and we see some awesome montages of Wolverines past and present including the ones from his Weapon X and Department H days.

On the physical front, we see the demons pray on the weaknesses of the X-Men Cyclops has brought with him, like making the water boil when fighting Namor or bombarding Magneto with flashbacks of concentration camps, and turn Cyke’s plan completely on its head until some unexpected help arrives from the living ladies in Wolverine’s life.

The Bad

If you haven’t been picking up this series, this is not the issue to jump into things with. And even though this is billed as the second part of a three-issue arc, you really need to have read the opening five-issue arc to really understand what is going on.

On top of this, there are plot holes abound with the regular X-Men continuity. For example, when Wolverine’s lady friends show up to help provide mental support, Jubilee is in tow with them. Last I checked, she was a vampire and couldn’t walk out in the middle of the day as her blood transfusions from Wolverine only provide resistance against limited UV light and this is never addressed. Include showing Nightcrawler and the Phoenix Force symbol at various points inside Wolverine’s mind and this arc looks to be coming to a very predictable end.

The Verdict

This comic gives fans of Wolverine everything they’ve come to expect. They show his depth as a character, his perseverance as a hero, and just why he is the best there is at what he does. It also shows how much of an effect he has had on the people around him over the years.

Despite all this, there are plot holes that will be noticeable to people reading the X-books right now. For a book that did a great job of holding your attention and kept you guessing through its first six issues, Wolverine #7 makes some very predictable turns. If you have been reading Wolverine up to this point then this issue forwards the plot enough to make it worthwhile, but newcomers to the series should look to hold off until the beginning of the next arc. 

Posted by kingoftheworld

Im thinking that Marvel is reneging on their decision to have jubilee a vampire or that shes human by the end of the series.
Posted by SC

Great review!  
With the Jubilee thing, i feel its just one of those things, they just ignore her status because it sorta complicates things, but eh, writer still wants to include her. I don't feel its too big of a discrepancy, and I am one of those people that reads issues back, and n 6 months I probably won't care and would just prefer her to be here. Now if Jubes was dead or in a bullet and she showed up randomly... but maybe its a few weeks from now and she lost the sun light problem.  
Loved Rogue in this issue by the way! Just wanted to scream that! Nice moment with Magneto too. 


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