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Wolverine, Jubilee, and Rogue search for Magneto in the Savage Land to see if the master of magnetism is still alive. Wolverine and Rogue search through the Savage Land separately while Jubilee stays at the compound. Wolverine finds a group of Fall People and Mutates: Barbarus, Amphibious, and Equilibrious. Elsewhere, Rogue finds an ancient citadel with Brainchild working on a machine. Gaza knocks Rogue and straps her to a genetic transformer. Jubilee is kidnapped by a native ridding on a Pterosaur. Brainchild has Rogue rigged to a machine to devolve her if she were to break free. Brainchild shows her a fists made of metal, proving Magneto still lives. Wolverine briefly battle the Mutates and then learns their master is Sauron.

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