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Old Guys Kick Ass!

This issue was pretty wick, that's for sure. 
I honestly don't think there's a single thing that I can complain about with this issue.  Actually, the only thing that I can kinda shrug my head at is the whole genealogy aspect of it.  So, Spider-Man had a daughter who is black and hooked up with Hawkeye (perv!) to produce the new Spider-Girl(Woman)?  The only thing that doesn't make sense there, and it may have been explained in a previous issue (catching up on the last two years of comics here), but why is Spider-Man's daughter black?  Nothing wrong with being black, but Peter Parker is as white as Wonder Bread.
Of course I may be missing something completely obvious that explains everything.  It's been known to happen.
Steve McNiven is still one of the best artists in the industry, in my opinion.  His art is always crisp and always beautiful.
Mark Millar is the man, 'nuff said.  The cliffhanger at the end of this issue almost makes me want to skip ahead and read the next issue of this without reading any of the other comics I subscribed to at the time.  But I remain strong. ;)
Until next time...

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