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Sabretooth is chained to a wall in John Wraith’s basement but breaks free and attacks Wolverine. Wraith is going to blow up the explosive that is strapped to Sabretooth but Jubilee shoots fireworks at Wraith. Jubilee was trying to protect Wolverine, but Wraith tells her that the explosive would only hurt Sabretooth.

Silver Fox arrives wearing a Hydra uniform; Wolverine still doesn’t believe she has been alive all this time and Sabretooth though he had killed her. Wolverine has a flashback of Sabretooth killing Silver Fox and to two fighting. Silver Fox takes Wraith, Wolverine, Jubilee, and Sabretooth outside to talk to Carol Hines, a doctor from the beginning of Weapon X, who may have answers. Suddenly, Jubilee cries out for help as Mastodon turns to mush.

Later, the group uses Ornette Higgenbotham to hack into NSA’s database for some names and answers. Ornette finally pulls up a screen with a list of names from Weapon X: Wolverine, Silver Fox, Kestrel (John Wraith), Vole, Mastodon, and Wildcat. Wraith is familiar with all the names except Vole and Wildcat. Then, Ornette finds another list of names: Professor, Cornelius, Hines, and Ferro. These people were behind Weapon X. Ferro is a new name to the team.

Hines finds an address to a private island and the group heads to Aldo Ferro’s castle. A missile takes down Silver Fox’s ship. Wolverine and the rest of the group takes out Ferro’s guards. They find Ferro and his bodyguard, Maverick.

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