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Writer Jason Aaron (Scalped) and artist Ron Garney (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) bring you a searing 4-part epilog to the biggest X-Men Event in a decade. In the searing aftermath of "Messiah CompleX," Wolverine has just one thing on his mind: revenge. But who is the focus of his rage, and what dark secret does he share with them? And how far over the edge is Wolverine willing to go to get what he wants?

Flashback to the Sondran Desert, Mexico, 1921

Wolverine is a bloody mess. He's been beaten and is locked up by the local police. The guards grab him, beat him a little more and take him away. They tie him to a post to be shot by a firing squad. A voice next to him asks if he's a murderer. Wolverine says he's worse, a horse thief. The person next to him turns out to be Mystique. She's about to be killed also for being blue. The locals think she's a witch or something. She explains that she was simply born different and Wolverine laughs at meeting someone like him there of all places. The firing squad shoots.

The Safed Koh Mountains, Afghanistan. The Present.

Wolverine is in costume and on the hunt. Coming across a couple kids, he grabs one, pops his claws and demands to know where "she" is. He says her stink is all over the place. The local folk all stare at him as he sniffs around. Finally he grabs one of the veiled woman, says hello to "Raven" and guts her. The people stare in disbelief. He tells them to watch as she's about to change. Moments go by and nothing happens. He then tells them they have five minutes to turn her over or else there will be a lot more deaths.

It turns out that three days earlier, Cyclops asked Wolverine to go after her after she slipped away. Wolverine told him he'd get her alone. Scott is upset after the way she betrayed them. He tells Wolverine to understand that he's not asking him to bring her in alive.


Mystique stands surprised that Wolverine was able to survive the firing squad. She asks how he knew she'd be able to untie herself before the guns went off. He said he didn't. When she asks where he's going to next, he says the nearest bar. She introduces herself to him and says she has a group of friends in Kansas City that he'd probably like to meet and they walk off together.

The Present, Afghanistan

Wolverine walks up to the town and finds the dead woman with three puncture wounds in her chest. He curses at Mystique and calls her out. Hiding behind a building, Mystique stands in the guise of Wolverine. He finds her and tells her to come out and he'll make it quick. She says maybe another time. Behind him, the town's men have gathered up their weapons and are pointing them at him, thinking he killed one of their women.

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